Nirgundi Oil ( Vitex Negundo)

Size: 118 ml

Massage and Herbal Oils


Nirgundi Oil acts as a remedy for headaches and venereal diseases. Its anti-inflammatory property help relieve swellings of joints and improves nutrient supply to bones and ligaments for improving overall joint function. Nirgundi also works as a remedy for diseases such as syphilis, ligament sprains, and rheumatism. Doctors even suggest the oil for fever and cough. Nirgundi can also be used to improve appetite and reduce unnatural sexual urges. It gives the body a sense of control and is used in the treatment of several ailments.

Indications :

  • Helps in case of several kinds of ailments.
  • Remedy for chronic headaches, cough and fever.
  • Promotes sexual health and reduces stress.
  • Heals wounds and eliminates acne.
  • Nirgundi also helps in improving the respiratory system and the digestive system. 
The anti-inflammatory skin healer is also said to improve the fertility level.

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