The products available on are prepared by strictly following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. AyuMantra manufactures, tests and ensures that the quality of the products that are produced is up-to-the-mark and the products qualify to be sold in Canada, US and other countries for safe consumption. We maintain a level of hygiene and procure herbs and herbal extracts according to the size of the batch and make sure their record show that the raw materials is free of adulteration and contamination after metal tests and tests for any kind of contamination. We focus on preventing cross contamination of the raw materials by following the right manufacturing processes.

Our trained professionals in all the departments give feedback and manage complaints if any. They make required corrections immediately so that there is no delay in the process of manufacturing. We maintain record keeping and encourage a healthy working environment for the highest level of hygiene. Quality is always given more priority over other factors of production. AyuMantra maintains the goodness of natural herbs and keeps the aroma of the Indian tradition in the products. With an objective to provide comprehensive therapeutic treatment we keep our products highly potent and powerful in performance. We measure the power of the extract by state of art technology and maintain a concentration rage from 5:1 to 10:1 to deliver tissue specific effects that are clinically proven to be perfect for use. Our tablets and powders can be used according to the prescribed dosage after approval by the users’ medical professionals.