The classic medicine dosage used by Vaidya / Ayurveda physician is usually 8-10 grams per day of crude herb in divided doses. This much of powder is practically difficult for every one to consume, and may not taste or smell that good.

Many physicians are using crude herb in capsule form. One capsule being of 1/2 gram and daily intake not being more than 4 capsule, the effective drug delivery is 2 grams per day only, in lieu of the stipulated 8-10 grams. This is convenience traded off with quality.

AyuMantra, in cooperation (EISRA) European Institute of Scientific Research on Ayurveda, Netherlands, has launched the powerpacked concept of high potency extracts of the herbs. AyuMantra quality extraction setup, antimicrobial assays, pesticide and heavy metal testing, and the stringent GMP standards deliver the best of both the worlds; the full dosage as intended by a Vaidya and in a conveninet 2 tablets a day dosage.

This is possible because of highly efficient extraction techniques. These make 100 kilograms of a crude powder into 7-8 kilograms of extract which is rolled into tablets. Such 2 tablets of 900 mg actually mean 12 grams of crude powder. This delivers therapeutic efficacy.