Ayurveda is the world’s earliest system of medicine known to mankind. As per the testimonials Ayurveda is an eternal, authoritative & natural system of healing revealed directly by the creator himself.

Ayurveda, literally translated as the science of Life/Biology, is committed to the health and welfare of a whole creation. It is a science embedded with philosophy. Its aim and objectives are prevention and cure of the disease through lifestyle changes (food, habits thoughts and if necessary medicine, that too of natural origin) for a happy life and blissful liberation. It is committed to the harmonial state of physical, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions through rational and philosophical pathways.

Ayurveda recommends lifestyle adaptations aiming at not merely a state of health but for a state of positive health and still more the state of positive perfect health.

Its principals include the theories and doctrines of all the existing systems of medicine in the world. Hence it is rightly said that Ayurveda is the basis and mother of all the disciplines of health care. Today Ayurveda is the global alternative and most preferred complimentary system of medicine for Absolute Positive Perfect Health, which is the device of every one of us.


Ayurveda evolved thousands of years ago through the efforts of people endowed with extraordinary powers of observation of nature and its complex processes. For millenniums this comprehensive system tended the healthcare needs of East Indian people, rich and poor alike.

The quintessence of Ayurveda lies in the unique philosophy that there is a symbiotic relationship between man and nature. This symbiosis, therefore, demands a holistic approach in treating human ailments.

Ayurveda is essentially a holistic treatment method derived from nature that aims at the eradication of human sufferings, both physical and mental, through natural processes. Ayurveda believes that ailments are a natural process and their cure lies hidden in the core of nature.