Women's Power To Heal

Women's Power To Heal

Be Shaktified! At this momentous time in the history of the primordial feminine, I call on women to reclaim their feminine force of the Shakti. Once more, we stand at the dawn of time, when we must take back our prowess as women. First, each one of us must recognize the supreme challenge of the wounds of intimacy that women naturally bear in the rite of passage to the Divine Feminine.

The principle of Shakti (primordial feminine power) as set forth by the Vedas offers a revolutionary solution to restoring wellness, wholeness, and harmony in our world. To heal and make whole the maternal life force, each woman must reclaim the feminine energy necessary to restore health, love, and joy within. In doing so, we reclaim our cyclical rhythm with Mother Earth as ancient women did. Each day, I see how imperative it is for us to recognize that women have the innate power and ability to heal themselves, and by extension, the world. If the dead trees of the Amazon can emit so much prana (life giving force) in the form carbon for the sustainability of the forest, imagine what the sentiment feminine mind of humanity can accomplish. We are intimately connected to the womb of the Goddess through the prana of the forests, and the movement of the sun, moon, and planets. We experience her pain and anguish caused by war, violence, economic disparity, impoverishment, environmental disaster, and otherwise lawless disrespect for Mother Nature. Contemporary women are faced with unprecedented levels of stress, and fatigue and a profound disconnection with their inherent femininity; it is critical that we restore the Shakti energy necessary to revitalize our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our sacred primordial power as women gives us the extraordinary ability to process and transform pain and anguish into wellness and joy, violence and abuse into peace and compassion, betrayal and deceit into kindness and gratitude. This is our innate, Goddess-given power. We must invoke these powers within ourselves and apply their practices to heal the living environment of the Mother Love within and without. Putting behind us the manipulated history of the ravaging of the Shakti principle in our world can clear the way to a better understanding of the divine nuances of nurturance and healing for self and all beings.

At this auspicious time, let us invite our children and our men to join us in giving back to Mother Earth. Let us remember the spiritual agreement we made with Mother Earth before birth–that is, to serve and nourish peace within as we restore the splendor of love. In doing so, we shaktify the heart centre of our family, humanity and the Earth herself. We open to the Goddess who resides within. From time of yore, the female of all species carried magical energy within their wombs—the cosmic imprint of the creation’s birth. The Shakti energy circulates through and around the womb, a woman’s area of power and vulnerability. As profound as the feminine power is, it is also equally as fragile. For this reason, we are more susceptible to disease and distress and to sensing the anguish of Mother Nature. Because we do not recognize the sanctity of the womb or the great responsibility that comes with this power, we are at risk of losing the Shakti power! But we can learn to re-cultivate our Shakti energy, and heal our feminine life force.

“Be Shaktified’ means we have learnt that peace does not depend on conducive conditions. Peace is about learning to transcend disharmony, disorder, disease, and despair by reaching for that inner flame of Shakti, the irrevocable, incorruptible light that redefines all living conditions. The dynamic friction and myriad conflicts in our world today is caused by a blockage in the feminine vision to be able to see creative patterns as ancient women did. Women are imbued with the inner vision of seeing sacred patterns in our daily and earthly activities. We can see positive life creating patterns or negative destructive patterns and are therefore imbued with the primordial functionality to change or transform these patterns into life-nourishing forms. As a woman arises each day, she sets the pattern of her feminine body, mind and spirit into the imprint of the earth. In the Hindu culture, women begin their day by creating yantras (rangolis) in the doorway of their homes silently positing their intent of harmony and happiness for their community.

s we enter a new age of opposing forces wherein we are being tested to the fullest, let’s join faith with one another to do the necessary work to empower primordial feminine memory of oneness, wellness and awareness. May we strive to nourish, nurture and heal each other, the earth, and ourselves.

Following is a simple practice of the Shakti Mudra you may engage to initiate your Divine Feminine journey: SHAKTI MUDRA:

To bring rhythms in balance with lunar energies, Shakti Mudra is recommended only for women to help restore their vital energy to the womb and bring its rhythms in balance with lunar energies. It is an especially excellent practice for women who are looking to conceive, or have had a miscarriage, abortion, recent divorce, disillusionment with love, or problems relating to reproductive health. Shakti mudra enhances a women’s sense of self, reinforcing her femininity and self-esteem. Done on a daily basis, this practice will help to revive memory of the Shakti energies within, strengthen Shakti prana, and heal the womb space.

Sit in a comfortable posture in a quiet space in your home or outdoors, facing east.

Bring the palm of your hands together and then separate them slowly

Place the tips of your ring fingers and little fingers together.

Rest the thumbs into the palms of your hands by bending them; fold the other two fingers over the thumbs.

Breathe deeply into the pelvic area and breathe out slowly, tracing the exhalation from the base of the perineum, circulating it through the uterus and belly.

Maintain the Shakti Mudra pose for approximately 15 minutes.

Take a deep breath and make a commitment to a life of ahimsa, inner harmony and non-hurting.

You may sit together with your spouse or partner, and follow this mudra practice to fortify your Shiva-Shakti energies.

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