Tuning The Body To The Earth's Rhythm

Tuning The Body To The Earth's Rhythm

Summer has arrived and nature is slowly awakening. Now is the perfect time to reconnect our hearts and recharge ourselves by fuelling our bodies with energy, positivity and awareness. The winter season can be dampening on our bodies and mind. It is important to rejuvenate both mentally and physically. Following the rhythm of nature as gently as nature itself, just as winter tiptoes into spring towards summer, fuelling your body with the right foods and liquids is a great way to start. However, if one wants to detox the mind, body and spirit, one of the best ways is to connect with nature, as nature is the best healer.

Vibrations have a powerful effect on our bodies. Everything in this world vibrates at its own frequency. Our botanical world and the sun vibrate at the frequency of 528 Hz.

Music Determines Our Mood

Our Universe has nine core creative frequencies and the original musical scale was based on six out of those nine frequencies. The third note on that scale is Mi. It is called the Miracle note because it vibrates at the same frequency as nature.

Water crystals show this balance perfectly. Words or music can affect the formation of the crystals positively or negatively. When classical music is played before freezing the water, the crystals turn out to be beautifully shaped. But when mainstream music is played the crystals look distorted lacking any patterns.

The Magic of Mantra Om

The notes on the musical scale all correspond to each specific chakra in the body. That is why chanting can have powerful benefits opening any blocked chakras. One of the most well-known mantras is Om. When chanted this sound vibrates at the frequency of 432Hz allowing the body to balance the energy and heal itself. It is a sound that is constantly present in the Universe. By chanting it, you let yourself connect with the eternal side of nature and tune to the Earth’s rhythm. Each mantra has its own purpose and any of the ancient chants have unique effects on the body.

Vibrations Heal Chakras

Each chakra has its own frequency it resonates with and each musical note affects a specific chakra. When you chant mantra Om, which is the note A in the musical scale, it has the frequency of 432Hz just like the sixth chakra. Chanting this mantra will help the sixth chakra heal by balancing the function of the pituitary gland, which in turn will stabilise the production of hormones. Classical music helps heal our chakras in a similar way. Each musical note will bring your chakras into balance and normalise the function of your organs subsequently.

Let Nature Heal You

Our stressful lives can put a lot of pressure on us mentally, physically and spiritually. Have you ever felt more rejuvenated when you are somewhere in a forest or by the river? That is because nature is beaming at a frequency of healing, love and peace. To balance your energy, try to spend more time in nature. Simply stand in silence and let it heal you from within. Spring is one of the best times to do it because nature is charging itself with energy. If you want to keep your mind and body healthy you should practice silence at least a few minutes a day by keeping the mind still.

Find Your Balance

Balancing your body’s frequency has tremendous health effects on the body. Practising mindfulness, nature awareness and stillness helps you to find your balance. These practices decrease your stress levels, strengthen your immune system, balance your hormones, bring mental clarity and much more. Tuning your body to the earth’s rhythm will allow you to find your inner purpose and follow your heart through the journey of life.

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