The Power Of Water

The Power Of Water

Sadhguru and Ed Begley, Jr. discuss the importance of keeping the elements cleansed for optimum health, longevity, psychological balance, and meditative possibilities.

Ed Begley: The reverence and regard for the five elements in the Eastern cultures led to some very specific lifestyle choices for the citizens. Can you give us some specific examples of how that manifested itself for sleeping and eating and farming and parenting and … What are some specific examples of how they lived in sync with nature?

Sadhguru: When you say five elements, these are the ingredients of life. This human being is just a product of five elements, so is the planet, so is the whole creation.

The most fundamental aspect of yoga is referred to as “cleansing of the elements.” We’re essentially talking about four elements and their manifestations. We live in the space. There are certain things which you can do with space, but it doesn’t need any cleansing. The four elements need cleansing. How these four elements behave within you will determine your health, longevity, psychological balance, spiritual possibilities, mystical access. Everything is determined by how you keep the four elements within the system. Seventy-two percent of your body is water. Another twelve percent is earth. Another six percent is air. Another four percent is fire. The remaining is space.

If you know how to keep these four elements, then your wellbeing, your health, your longevity, your ability to determine how long your should live and when you should leave. All these things are one hundred percent in your hands. You’ll become a master of your own destiny. If you just control the waters in the system, phenomenal things will happen. Always is a large focus on water because seventy-two percent of the body is water. You must understand this body is just a product of this planet. Seventy-two percent of the planet itself is water.

If you want to look for life somewhere, where there is no life right now, where we cannot start life right now, the first thing we look for is presence of water and it is only miraculous element found on this planet which is naturally available in all the three states, being solid, liquid, and gaseous at the same time. When I say water, it’s interesting that today in the last probably six to eight years, much research has gone into water, as to what water is capable of.

Today, modern science has recognized that water has memory. If your give it a certain thought, this cup of water, it will remember. If you give it a positive thought or a negative thought, a positive emotion or a negative emotion, it actually remembers. We’ve always been aware of this, so in the East, even today, when in cities, if you come to homes, except those who’ve been Western educated, in all their homes, water is treated in a certain way. We never drink water which straight comes out of a pipe or fountain. We always hold it in a brass vessel or copper vessel and we worship the water overnight and leave it there at least for eight hours. Then only we can drink.

Treating the water in a certain way, around us and within us. This is all it is, the fundamental of yoga is just this, cleansing the four elements and treating these elements with a certain reverence and a certain way of approach because now, beyond doubt, it is established that water has memory. If you treat it badly, it remembers and gets back at you. It gets into you and works from inside.

Today, modern scientists are saying this. If water is pumped through the pipe, if it takes fifty turns, bends … Let’s say it’s pure, nice water. Fifty bends, if it is forcefully pumped through the pipe, sixty percent of it turns, in a molecular way, unpalatable to the human body, it becomes poisonous in some way. The chemical structure will not change, but the molecular structure will change. If you keep it there for about 20 to 40 minutes, it will undo itself, but straight from pump, if you drink, you are causing immense damage to the system. This is modern science. We’ve always known this. If you bring water, you must place it in one place, they will apply certain, so-called sacred paste on the vessel, they will worship it, give the best thoughts to it, leave it there for some time and then only, drink.

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