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The three doshas must be balanced in Ayurveda's traditional medical system in order to achieve healing. Facial treatments, face masks, as well as herbal formulations are all part of ayurvedic skin care.

The effectiveness of Ayurveda in treating skin conditions completely, however, still has to be proven by scientific study. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that stress, diet, as well as lifestyle choices, can have an impact on your skin. If you’re confused about where to start your skincare, don't worry. We have compiled a list of Ayurvedic skin care products that you should know!

Love, Indus’ Amrutini True Brew Transforming Serum

This newly established company creates opulent skin care products by fusing New York City's cutting-edge new tech with India's ancient traditions and valuable plant extracts. The Amrutini True Brew Transforming Serum contains traditional, tried-and-true components including ashwagandha, a calming adaptogen, and ghee that has been cleansed using a copper pot in a specific procedure. In addition, it enhances natural substances using cutting-edge techniques.

Ranavat Botanics Brightening Saffron Serum

The "Miracle Elixir," an old recipe, served as the basis for Ranavat Botanics Brightening Saffron Serum. Every vial of this pure, high-performance serum made from an amalgamation of ayurvedic herbs contains more than 2g of saffron. The Indian Royals utilized saffron because of its brightening and antioxidant characteristics, which helped to display youthful, beautiful skin. Excellent for all types of skin, but particularly for dull, dry, and irregular skin tones.

Surya Skincare Discovery Set

Three of Surya’s best-selling Ayurvedic products for skin are included in the Discovery Set, together with a two-sided Kansa Wand which is an innovative Ayurvedic skincare instrument. Combining Balancing Face Oil and Collagen Cream results in that elusive and long-lasting glow by nourishing and regaining the softness of both your deep and uppermost skin layers. Our Kansa wand, which is tipped on both ends with an old bronze alloy that is both thermally and electrically conductive, rejuvenates the skin and provides inner calm when used.


Yellow Beauty Stay Gold Facial Elixir

The vibrant colour of turmeric, one of the most popular substances in Ayurveda, inspired the moniker, Yellow Beauty. The substance offers advantages for the skin as a strong anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial substance.
Frankincense, lavender, as well as pomegranate, three of the world's most nutrient-dense oils, are combined with turmeric, a centuries-old component of South East Asian culture, to create Stay Gold Facial Elixir. The final outcome is a nourishing face oil that revitalizes, nurtures, and protects your skin.

Purearth Qing Cleansing Oil

Purearth’s Qing Cleansing Oil has a synergistic blend of potent active ingredients and high-performance herbal oils that is adaptogenic and immune-boosting. It effectively removes makeup, and smog accumulation, and takes out underlying impurities while relaxing and soothing the skin.

As pigmentation progressively disappears, skin is left properly cleaned, hydrated, and uniformly toned. Amalaki, moringa, yashtimadhu, and neem are examples of rasayana, and kashaya herbs that regulate, relax, and cleanse the skin while calming vata pitta, as well as kapha diseases.

Surya Balancing Collagen Cream

An excellent therapeutic face cream made entirely of natural ingredients that balance, cure, and nurture your skin for both inside and physical attractiveness. Excellent for protecting, regulating, moisturizing, and hydrating the skin. 

Surya’s Balancing Collagen Cream increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, offers protection and hydration, and gets rid of precancerous lesions and spots. This 100% natural Balancing Ayurvedic Collagen Cream has a custom mixture of kinds of milk as well as collagens, especially camel's milk, along with 13 nourishing oils, and 46 therapeutic herbs. In general, this Balancing Collagen Cream starts showing positive effects within three days.

Forest Essentials’ Soundarya Age-Defying Facial Serum

The Advanced Soundarya Age Defying Serum is a classic, distinctive Ayurvedic serum made with priceless herbs and 24 Karat Gold, which works to lessen pigmentation and delay the onset of ageing. This wonderful product hydrates the skin and enhances its texture. It has also received recognition as the "Best Anti-Aging Serum" from Vogue. Additionally, it reduces small wrinkles, aids in the formation of collagen, and provides the skin with a smooth feel.

To Wrap Things Up

To support good skin according to the Ayurvedic system, lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels, and exercise must be modified. A practice that targets your dominant dosha is also a component of Ayurvedic skin care. This is very similar to Western medicine, where products tailored to your skin type are used. Ayurvedic skin care products include essential oils, face oils, herbal extracts, and fruit extracts. Different techniques are utilized using herbs & oils.


In particular for critical illnesses, ayurvedic therapies should be utilized in addition to standard medical care. To obtain your finest skin and health, you can use both conventional methods and contemporary medical advancements.

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