Ayurveda Day 2016

Ayurveda Day 2016

“Ayurveda Day” 28th October 2016 was celebrated for the first time ever with Big Bang in Toronto Canada. It was remarkable to see Canada the only country outside of India that respected the importance of recognizing and offering their gratitude to the originator, sages, rishis, fathers and teachers of Ayurveda.

The 1st Ayurveda Day was celebrated with opening Dhanvantri Pooja followed by the Ayurvedic Symposium on Ayurvedic Medicine, time tested medicine for perfect health.

Experts panel of speakers in Ayurvedic Medicine were Ayurvedic Practitioners, Medical and Naturopathic Doctors. Attendees were Ayurvedic Practitioners, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Physical Therapists, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Yoga Teachers and Enthusiasts. All the participants enjoyed the celebration with festive Ayurvedic meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This event marked the importance of bringing the Ayurveda awareness and building the Ayurvedic community. This message of collaborative efforts and building Ayurvedic awareness was conveyed by Consulate General of India, Mr. Dinesh Bhatia that graces the occasion with his presence and speech.

The vision of putting this special day of Ayurveda into perspective that can benefit the Mankind was pioneered through a collaborative effort of Mr. Paul Batth, Founder AyuMantra LLC and Ismat Nathani, Founder & Director Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing, with amazing team members and volunteers.

Ayurveda Day Celebration has set an example to the global Ayurvedic community to take active participation in bringing Ayurveda to the frontiers of Health care.

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