Sanjivani Tablets

Tablet and Capsule
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  • It is applied to treat various ailments, including the common cold, cough, indigestion, stomach ache, etc.
  • These herbs facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Maintains a healthy body temperature. Promotes the health of the abdominal organs
  • Beneficial for Abnormal Sweating Issues.



A historic medicinal herb from India, Sanjivani is also referred to in Indian mythology as the magical medicine that can bring a person back from the dead. It grows in the tropical areas of India and is very effective in treating numerous diseases.Sanjivani grows in the Himalayas of India. It is also known as Sanjivani booti, and Selaginella Bryopteris has been chosen to be called Sanjivani for its several healing powers in ayurveda.

Vidanga, Saunth, Pipal, Vacha, Haritaki, Bahera, Amala, Giloi, Bhilawa (Purified). Vatsanah (Purified), Gomutra

Direction of Use:1 - 2 tablets once or twice a day, or as directed by your physician.If you are pregnant or nursing consult with your physician prior to using the product. Keep out of the reach of children.

: 85 g
Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 10 cm

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